Parking app
Partkiert (2019)

Cruising for parking

Hunting for elusive parking spaces takes a huge toll on drivers, cities and the environment.

Some apps already address this problem but they fall short of the mark by focusing on the parking situation at the moment and not at your time of arrival—which can make a big difference in a city like Zürich, for example.

Parkiert to the help

Parkiert helps you to pick the best parking destination by showing you availability at the time of your arrival. We collect data from a wide range of public sources (parking house systems, traffic, weather, public holidays, etc.) and use forecasting methods to predict the future parking situation.


The main interaction—scrolling the timeline to the time of arrival—is located at the bottom of the screen, intended for one-handed use on the move.

Map view

The user can switch between list and map views. Both follow a clean, minimalist UI.

Details view

The view opens in a modal sheet to facilitate one-handed gestures. It allows favoriting the parking house and starting the navigation.

Further interactions

The date picker helps checking availability in the farther future. By default, the app is set to the user’s location but both the city and the sorting is customizable.


Parkiert is currently in development. We already have an MVP for the iOS app ready for release and we are working on fine tuning the algorithm.


© Zoltan Gocza