Zoltan Gocza
Minden Kupon

Minden Kupon (2010–2014)


I co-founded Minden Kupon, a top daily deal website in Hungary with more than 170k registered active users and more than 70 business partners.

With my co-founder, our goal was to provide the best user experience for deal-hunters. We built a service that brings all online deals together and presents them in editorial quality and data-driven ranking. We also provided emerging daily deal websites an audience they dearly needed for fast growth.

Business case

In 2010, the daily deal business was booming worldwide, lead by services like Groupon and LivingSocial. With the increasing number of services fighting for the users' attention, we saw the need for an aggregator that radically simplifies getting updates.

Idea validation

With my co-founder, we followed a lean approach to make sure there’s real user need and a market for such an aggregator. After the initial research, we started with a ghetto test: we created a landing page letting people to sign up for a newsletter that didn't exist yet.

Analyzing interest, conversion, behavioral data and qualitative feedback from our first users, we could establish a business case and started investing in building the product.

Product design

Here's the 2012 design of our website, a result of a series of experiments.

Design evolution—V1

In the first phase, we focused on growing a newsletter subscriber list as we saw that email lead to higher engagement. Our website’s focus was therefore to convince users to sign up.

Version 2

I experimented with different layouts and messaging to optimize conversion rate, still focusing on gaining newsletter subscribers.

Version 3

Two years after launch, we shifted our focus to web-based deals. I redesigned our website that introduced online deals and features like topical landing pages and automatic personalization.

Admin panel

I also designed the admin panel catering for the needs of our editorial team to manage content and build collections and newsletters. It also provided in-depth statistics like detailed email stats and cohort analysis.


I conducted dozens of experiments and a lot of research to understand our users and continuously improve the product:

  • A/B testing on our website (layout, copy variations)
  • Email split testing (layout, timing, content variations)
  • Cohort analysis to measure retention rate per different channels and strategies (inbound vs outbound, for example)
  • Polls
  • Ethnography, personal interviews

I used different softwares to analyse user behaviour: Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, Clicktale, Polldaddy.


Some key facts:

  • Grew to the leading Hungarian daily deal aggregator
  • 100% bootstrapped
  • More than 170k registered users
  • More than 70 paying partners (in a CPA model)
  • Successful exit in 2014 after receiving multiple offers
  • The company is still thriving under the new owner


Have a wonderful !