Zoltan Gocza
Centralway Numbrs

Centralway AG (2013–)
Head of UX


At Centralway, we set out to redefine banking. Our multi-banking mobile app, Centralway Numbrs, became the #1 finance app on the German App Store with more than 700.000 downloads in the first 8 months.

As head of UX, I’m responsible for the user experience design of Numbrs, heading the 4-people UX department.

Leading the UX team

I built a UX team of 4 truly awesome designers that is in the forefront of defining and designing our apps. We work in cross-functional teams with developers, visual designers and business development.

I lead the UX team, taking the lead in bringing innovation into the company, contributing to defining roadmaps, representing the company to partners, defining our UX processes, hiring, etc. I’m also involved in most of our everyday product improvement projects.

Product design

I designed several of the core features of our app for both iOS and Android. The design process I follow is highly iterative, working very closely with management and the cross-functional teams. I use research, validation and customer feedback to inform design decisions.

Due to my NDA, I can only share a very limited selection of designs.

Selected project: Send money

I designed the current send money flow for both iOS and Android, a project that resulted in a huge lift in engagement, and received very positive user feedback.


The goals of the project were to improve the adoption rate of the money transfer feature of Numbrs and to drive repeated usage.

In order to achieve the goal, Numbrs had to offer a clearly superior send money experience to other mobile banking apps. We also needed to build trust to make our users feel confident making financial transactions with a third-party app.


To guide my design process, I laid down some guiding principles:

  • Typing is a pain on mobile, always put selection over typing
  • One screen interaction over the iOS standard hub and spoke model
  • Set user expectations upfront by showing the full extent of the flow (trendy wizards wouldn't work for this purpose)
  • Put easy inputs first, bring the user quickly up to speed
  • When it comes to intelligence and smart suggestions, rather err on the side of simplicity than to make mistakes

User flow

Following my research and the concepting phase, I created the skeleton model for the feature:

I refined the flow into lo-fi wireframes first:

Lastly, I created the hi-fi wireframes and prototypes to test the flow.

Wireframes, prototypes

I created high fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes to model and document the design. Here’s the wireframe prototype for the main interaction of the send money flow:

And here are the wireframes for some of the screens and states:

Validation: usability testing

The new send money flow introduced new interaction patterns, especially by merging the flow for contact search and new contact creation. To validate the proposal, I created an interactive prototype and tested it with a handful of people. The tests (and later hard usage data) confirmed that the interaction was immediately clear to users.


The reception of the new design was very positive both in terms of user feedback and usage metrics. Both the first time and the repeated usage of send money saw a quick and sustained lift. Users trust our app for transferring money over their banks’ own apps.

Some of the feedback from the app stores (translated from German):

Sending money works like a charm – Pierre Münzenberg

Sending money is delightfully quick and easy – Volker Fleißner

The app simplifies sending money compared to the Sparkasse app – Illegret Schade

Really cool, transfers are very quick. I can only recommend – Dobou Paul

It can’t be easier. Sending money with this app is even simpler than on the computer – Julian Kutscha

I signed up in 4 minutes, then made my first money transfer. So intuitive and simple! I could rave on forever, 10-star app – Adrian Piotrowski


Have a wonderful !