Zürich-based UX design leader with 20 years of experience leading high-performing, happy teams and shaping products used by tens of millions


Sr. Design Manager / Undisclosed Fintech (2022–)
I lead the core design team working launching new products and features, delivering a new design system

Head of design / Credit Suisse (2020–2022)
Led a multidisciplinary team delivering online banking and wealth management apps

Head of UX / Numbrs, Zürich (2013–2020)
Led the design team building a multi-banking platform and a top 25 financial app

Director of product design / Ustream, IBM (2012–2013)
Built and led the 9-people team at the leading live streaming platform with 60 million users

Co-founder / MK Media (2010–2014)
Launched and led a market-leading deal aggregator to a successful exit

Head of UX / Isobar, Dentsu (2004–2012)
Led a team of 10 working for T-Mobile, Samsung, Nokia, World Economic Forum, etc.

Selected projects

Credit Suisse

Leading the product design team to redefine online and mobile banking

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Numbrs / Home

Redesigning the banking app home screen for behavioural change

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Numbrs / Details

Transforming the canonical transaction details screen into an enriched and insightful feature

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Helping hundreds of schoolkids in Zürich to get into grammar school

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Putting an end to the search for the elusive parking space with the help of machine learning

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Team leadership

I built and managed teams of 4–10 UX/UI designers and researchers. I nurture a culture of trust, passion, courage and ownership. I encourage open and productive disagreements. In my experience, this leads to great performance and a happy, fulfilled team with an extremely low turnover. I believe that creating opportunities for personal growth is just as important as the pursuit of company objectives.

I managed my teams through many challenging organisational and business strategy shifts. One of the biggest such changes was the pivot from consumer to enterprise focus at Ustream, which resulted in the company later being acquired by IBM.

As part of management, I take part in shaping our product development and business strategy. I champion a user-centered and data-inspired approach in the wider organisation, aligning the different teams to a shared design vision.

Thought leadership

UX Myths

UX Myths

UX Myths is one of the top UX blogs receiving millions of visits. It has been translated into 13 languages, and is frequently referenced by UX professionals worldwide like Jared Spool or Luke Wroblewski.


Contrast Rebellion

Contrast Rebellion

An Awwwards-winner manifesto to fight low contrast websites that put form before function. Contrast Rebellion went viral, reaching more than 400,000 designers and receiving tens of thousands of shares.


Uninvited Redesigns

Uninvited Redesigns

Designers all over the world put enormous effort into redesigning their favorite products. The blog collects these unsolicited redesigns to promote the value of speculative work.


2016 Swiss UX Survey

Swiss UX Survey

The study paints a comprehensive picture of UX design in Switzerland focusing on the daily activities, toolkit, work environment, satisfaction and salary of UX designers.


ED Awards

European Design Awards

I'm on the digital jury of leading design experts, reviewing website and app submissions from all over Europe.



Talk photo

Some of my talks from conferences, design courses and universities:

Frontend Conference, Zürich – Host, 2018

Design in the age of AI / Frontend Conference, Zürich, 2017

Design in the age of AI / Drinks+Tech, Basel, 2017

In pursuit of simplicity / UX Romandie, Lausanne, 2015

How we make design decisions / PanTalks, Zürich, 2015

Mobile design myths / Frontend Conference, Zürich, 2014

Doing something well vs doing the right thing / HMC, 2013

The design process / Smartmobile Digital Course, 2012

Data-driven design / Web Conference, 2012

Guerilla usability testing for mobile / Smartmobile Conference, 2012

UX and conversion/ Evolution Conference, 2012

Designing web applications / MOME Digital Design Course, 2012

The good designer / Krea Webdesign Course, 2011

User experience on the web / Corvinus University, 2011

Frustration-free online banking / Finnovation, 2011

7 tips to gain our visitors’ trust / Finnovation, 2010

Let the numbers speak / Emoráció, 2010


I believe that great design is achieved at the intersection of data and gut instinct. I like working in environments that value both worlds, where people have strong opinions, weakly held.

Data + Instinct

I'm a generalist:

  • designer – I enjoy solving problems by exploration, sketching and iteration
  • researcher – I conduct surveys, usability tests and interviews
  • analyst – I spend a good part of my time in databases and spreadsheets
  • copywriter – I believe that words are more powerful than pixels
  • student of psychology – I craft products that give meaning


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